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Wildcard Preview: Lions at Cowboys

Matthew starts off by catching up on some stuff from the past few weeks before previewing tomorrow’s Wildcard matchup between the Lions and Cowboys.

Week 14: Buccaneers at Lions preview

Matthew starts out by touching on the Rams “Ferguson gesture” and Roger Goodell. From there, he previews Bucs at Lions and gives his Week 14 picks.

Week 13: Bears at Lions Recap

Matthew talks about the NFC playoff situation after the Lions victory and then brings on the weekly edition of the LPGA Rankings.

Week 13: Lions at Patriots recap and Bears at Lions preview

Matthew gets into the game versus the Patriots and his disappointment before moving into the Angst Rankings. He then provides an early Bears at Lions preview and Week 13 picks. Happy Thanksgiving!

Week 12: Lions at Patriots preview

Matthew starts off by talking about the mentality of the Lions and bleeds that into his preview of Lions at Patriots. He follows that with his Week 12 picks.

Week 10: Midseason Grades

Matthew gets into the playoff outlook for the Lions and hands out some grades.

Note: The intention was to post some statistical graphs, but it looked messy. Check Twitter and Facebook for some notes.

Week 8: Lions vs. Falcons from London

Matthew starts by talking about what the MSU-UM game means to him.  He moves on to the Ndamukong Suh “trade” and media sensationalism.

Matthew then gets into the “Angst Rankings”, the preview of Lions vs. Falcons, and his Week 8 picks.

Week 7: Saints at Lions

Matthew talks about his renewed faith in the Lions, runs through this week’s LPGA rankings, previews the Saints at Lions, and finishes with the Week 7 picks.

Week 4: Lions at Jets recap

Matthew opens up by addressing the increasing rumors of this being Ndamukong Suh’s last season in Detroit.

He then looks back at Week 4’s game with the Jets by updating the LPGA Rankings.

Week 4: Lions at Jets preview

Matthew starts by addressing the suspension of Bill Simmons by ESPN.

He then previews Lions at Jets and finishes with his Week 4 picks.

Week 3: Packers at Lions recap

Matthew revisits the Lions home victory over the Packers via this week’s update to the LPGA Rankings.

Week 3: Packers at Lions Preview

After a quick message about tailgating, Matthew previews the Packers at Lions.  He then closes with the rest of the Week 3 picks.

Week 2: Lions at Panthers Recap

Matthew goes nuts on child abuse.

THEN he gets around to recapping the Lions at Panthers game by updating the LPGA Rankings.

Week 2: Lions at Panthers Preview

Matthew previews the Lions at Panthers, makes picks on the rest of Week 2’s games, and briefly touches on the Wolverines and Spartans.

Week 1: Giants at Lions (on Monday Night Football!) Preview

Matthew jumps right into Giants at Lions. He then gets into the Wolverines and Spartans weekend.  Closes with some thank yous/shout-outs.

Season Prediction

Matthew takes a guess at what to expect, possibly expect, and what the Lions final record COULD be.

Roster Review part 2

Matthew continues on with the LPGA rankings.

Roster Review part 1

Matthew starts by talking about the status of the podcast before getting into the roster via the introduction of the LPGA (Lions Positional Group Angst) Rankings.